No Flash, No Java, No Websocket, No Bullshit.

This is a very lightweight Speedtest implemented in Javascript, using XMLHttpRequest and Web Workers.

Try it

1.LibreSpeed - Speedtest

2.USTC(University of Science and Technology of China) Speed


All modern browsers are supported: IE11, latest Edge, latest Chrome, latest Firefox, latest Safari.
Works with mobile versions too.


  • Download
  • Upload
  • Ping
  • Jitter
  • IP Address, ISP, distance from server (optional)
  • Telemetry (optional)
  • Results sharing (optional)
  • Multiple Points of Test (optional)

Server requirements

  • A reasonably fast web server with Apache 2 (nginx, IIS also supported)
  • PHP 5.4 (other backends also available)
  • MySQL database to store test results (optional, PostgreSQL and SQLite also supported)
  • A fast! internet connection

Android app

Get it on F-Droid


Android 4.0.3 and up (SDK 15), all architectures.

Get source code on GitHub



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